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Cameras and CCTV

Security Cameras and CCTVArguably the best crime deterrent thus far is the CCTV system. Security is crucial to your business and home. We design and install CCTV systems for all size businesses as well as for the residential market that will provide surveillance of entrances, parking areas, receiving and shipping docks for businesses, maybe your swimming pool at home, the options are endless. CCTV systems can help reduce risk, limit your liability, improve employee productivity and it may lower your insurance cost as well. Arizona Lock and Safe offers the latest in both traditional analog CCTV systems and the new Digital based technologies.

We will provide an on-site needs assessment, a custom program design, turn key installation and local on-site service as well as a full warranty, maintenance and support. Our services include:

  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
  • Digital Video Recorders (DVR)
  • Remote Video Access Services
  • I.P CCTV systems
  • Switches, multiplexers and controllers for multi-camera systems
  • Digital Cameras: indoor/outdoor

Our Supplier:

Arizona Lock and Safe technicians are committed to insuring a trouble free installation, proper training, and complete customer satisfaction. and we have been doing that since 1952.